Birds of a Feather Mock Together

Hello Mock-ers!

In getting some info together for this endeavor, I cruised around the internet for a bit to see what others were doing with their Mocks. It ranges from lists to votes to book clubs and I love following all of it. I thought I would put together a quick and dirty list of some other Mocks I found so we can have some additional perspective as we follow this heated and exhilarating race.

Goodreads has a great group (500+ members strong!) that votes on which books to read each month followed by a discussion thread for each book. A great way to keep on top of those buzz-y, of-the-moment books.

My favorite Mock comes from none other than the titan SLJ itself. Someday My Printz Will Come posts in-depth reviews of potential books on a regular basis through the fall and early winter. What’s great about it is that the contributors take special note to flesh out What Makes a Printz Book a Printz Book by initially looking closely at the criteria and making it more accessible for a lay-reader like me. And if you’re following along, keep a close eye on the comments; there’s great, rich discussion there.

The Eva Perry Mock Printz Book Club is (personally) the most enviable. Books that are deemed eligible for consideration are read by teens of the Wake County Eva Perry Regional Library. I get the impression that their discussion of each title happens offline, as there’s only a brief summary for each entry, but their lists are excellent to look at and I found several titles that I perhaps need to take a second look at.

Kansas City keeps a blog to post their meeting info and eventually the winners for each Award. It’ll be exciting to see which ones they choose.

The Mohawk Valley Library System and Upper Hudson Library Systems have a Pinterest board.

I found some other posts within blogs, mostly of the youth services variety, that posted their lists and/or winners for last year’s awards (lots of love for E&P and Leonard Peacock!) so I’m hoping they’ll do the same as we get closer. Here’s a roundup of last year’s results:

FYA Book Club (Vancouver branch)

Youth Services Corner

Oregon Young Adult Network

Early Word

Are there any others that I didn’t list? Feel free to let me know! We’ll begin posting reviews of contenders next week. Until then,

Happy Printzing,



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