She Is Not Invisible by Marcus Sedgwick

She Is Not Invisible

Reviewed for this blog by Sara, Simsbury Library

Marcus Sedgwick is the most recent winner of the Printz Award for Midwinterblood and was also a Printz Honor recipient for his novel, Revolver. Midwinterblood was the first book I read (for the YALSA HUB challenge) by Sedgwick and although it was a topic I did not think I would like, I ended up loving it!

She is Not Invisible is a story about Laureth and Benjamin Peak searching for their father. Their father is obsessed with coincidences and is researching them for his next book. Laureth gets worried when she cannot contact her father and believes he is in America when he was supposed to be in Switzerland. So Laureth, who is blind by the way, gets herself and her seven year old brother tickets to America. While there, they meet Mr. Walker who is in possession of the father’s notebook, which contains his writing ideas.

A very quick read, this novel provides readers with a riddle to solve. Are coincidences really just chance? Is there meaning behind all of these clues Father may have left behind? Where is he and how will a blind teenager and her seven year old brother find him? Enjoy finding out in this novel! There are quite a few surprises at the end (including a swooning librarian moment if you are into that kind of thing to touch your librarian heart).

Does this have what it takes to win the Printz Award? Can Sedgwick possibly come away with another Printz symbol on one of his books? Absolutely! This book has it all! It will have a wide audience in which it will appeal to the younger and the older teens. There is nothing inappropriate about the novel (unless people want to challenge a teenager and her young sibling travelling alone). It contains a diverse teenager with a strong voice; has a great story plot; is set mostly in New York City; all of the characters are enjoyable, well development and contain an element of mystery about them. There is even an open ended mystery waiting for you on the last page!


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