Printz Award Book Blitz

This is it, gang. Announcements are made tomorrow. TOMORROW. Here are CT Mock Printz, we’re making our last ditch efforts to shout out our favorite in what we’re calling, in honor of Super Bowl Sunday, our Printz Award Book Blitz!!

Here’s what we love:

From Geri, Ridgefield Library:

Although all three are dark horses, I wish good Printz luck to Grasshopper Jungle, Belzhar, and Ava Lavender. Even if they get honors in lieu of the medal, it will raise people’s awareness of them and acknowledge their amazing writing. Because after all, isn’t the Printz all about literary merit? These three have it in spades.

From Andrea, Windsor Library

Mine are dark horses, too. Billy Dean is tough and strange and I’m afraid it will turn away a lot of critical readers. Ava is by far my favorite, but it’s also up for a Morris, and being recognized by both is something only one book has ever done. My last vote is for the tirelessly stylish We Were Liars. It’s been a while since I’ve thought about this one, and I can say now I have nothing but good feelings for it. I’m also secretly rooting for The Crossover but I’m afraid it’s going to get caught in that in-between age of the Newbery and the Printz.

For those of you following along, ALA’s official hashtag for the event is #ALAYMA or you can watch the live webcast here. We’ll see you all on the other side.


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