One by Sarah Crossan

Reviewed by Sara, Simsbury Library

One is written in verse and tells the story of conjoined twins, Tippi and Grace, and their journey as sixteen year olds. They weren’t supposed to survive past two years old. Money has just run out from donors and they are starting school for the first time in their lives. They immediately make friends with Yasmeen, a girl with HIV who knows what it is like to expect death right around the corner. Jon is also a friend whom the twins party with and one decides to crush on.

The family has a large amount of stress due to dad losing his job and becoming an alcoholic, younger sister, Dragon, may possibly be anorexic, and now the twins are having difficulty breathing. One twin is using the body’s energy and the other heart cannot handle the stress. Are they ready for the most impossible choice of their lives? To become two people. Will they survive?

In this quick read, Crossan portrays Tippi and Grace like you have known them their whole lives and have been there along for the struggles. The story is unique to young adult literature and because of this I found it appealing and intriguing. I want to know if they will lead “normal” lives, fall in love, and have children like some conjoined twins. Accuracy is something not to be overlooked when judging a book with a unique plot. The Author’s Note does explain her research as well as names some real life conjoined twins from whom she used facts for her story. The terminology was very simple and I felt satisfied that the author knew what she was talking about.

Do I think it will win the Printz? Maybe a Honor. I greatly look forward to the other heavily talked about books that we will review here. I wouldn’t take this one off the list but I think it has a lot of competition.


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