Simon Vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda

Reviewed by Sara, Simsbury Library

Sixteen-year-old and not-so-openly gay Simon meets Blue by responding to a post on the school’s “anonymous confessions” Tumblr. They start an email relationship that Martin accidentally reads on the shared library computers. Martin screenshots the messages and blackmails Simon into including him in events so he can be closer to Simon’s friend Abby.

Simon can be real with Blue. They openly share their feelings about being gay, how and when they want to come out to their friends and family, which we get to experience as readers, and other shared happenings at school. They attend the same school but don’t know each other. We read the story through Simon’s narrative and email conversations between him and Blue. They fall in love as time goes on and Simon wants to meet. Thanks to Martin’s public outing of Simon, Blue now knows who he is, but Simon only has guesses as to who Blue can be. Then he finds out exactly who Blue is…

This book was hilarious and adorable! I would recommend it to any teen that loved Better Nate Than Ever. Filled with friend drama, sibling bonds, and finding that first true love. Can it win the Printz? Maybe. I kept forgetting to pay attention to how well the author wrote because I was too involved in Simon’s story. Can it win the Morris Debut Award? Yes! I’m going to go about nominating it right now… Who knows. The book I recommended last year at this blog received the same award! Go Gabi!



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